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"Travelling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a story teller" - Ibn Battuta


For the traveler in search of innovation beyond the standard, for the pleasure-seeker who yearns for an experience that is uniquely their own, and even for the casual excursionist, there's RockStar Hotels. With an unparalleled portfolio of exclusive global properties that are perfectly tailored to every traveler, RockStar's exquisite accommodations go beyond the bounds of simply being a resting place between international adventures. From historically rich Prague and Rome to the breathtaking scenery on the exotic beaches of Mykonos, RockStar Hotels delivers a stay that is curated with an attention to detail that speaks to the forward thinking while still exuding the cultural richness of every destination. From leaders and influencers to artists and connoisseurs, RockStar serves those that crave more that just an accommodation - an experience that is elegant, exciting and nothing short of impressive.


Our mission is to provide our users with carefully chosen properties that have been curated with a degree of elegance and design that appeals to their finer tastes while consistently delivering a level of service that exceeds expectations and fosters a unique and uncomparable type of imagination. We are an experiential hospitality group with hands in design, acquisitions, construction management, planning, renovations, property management, and more that strives to create and breath new life into properties with an unmatched collection of contacts and influencers that take our innovative ideas from blueprint to reality.


I think I always had the travel bug. At a young age, I was the one who would explore the cities my father took me to, getting lost on the backroads, and always finding my return exciting and enlivening. As a grown man, I found myself striving to recreate the excitement of those journeys, stopping in undiscovered restaurants, staying in what could only be called hidden treasures, always with an eye for adventure and a desire to know more. To explore. To grow. The seeds for RockStar Hotels were clearly planted way back then.

Over the years my mission took shape. I wanted to create a vehicle to satisfy the savviest traveler in a specific and individualized fashion. I vowed that the Rock Star client would be seen and accepted as ‘special’ on a journey that would feed their minds, souls, and spirits. This could be done by hand-selecting boutique hotels, thereby allowing each client an insider view of cities and cultures. 

With this in mind, I developed RockStar Hotels to satisfy the Wanderlust in each of us.