; Escape the tourist traps and experience the True Beauty of Santorini

Escape the tourist traps and experience the True Beauty of Santorini

Santorini is undeniably breathtaking...

The stunning beauty of the whitewashed buildings and blue roofs overlooking the sea is unforgettable in itself. Santorini is no secret and draws crowds for much of the year, our goal as RockStar travel experts is to show you what’s beyond the gorgeous views. Discover the secrets of Santorini with these RockStar Recommendations.

The Red Beach:

Experience one of Santorini’s most beautiful and legendary beaches. Prepare to be mesmerized by the red and black volcanic pebbles and distinct colorings of the massive cliff.

RockStar Insider:

Do not change into your sandals or slippers immediately after you park as you will have to walk through a rocky path to reach the beach.

Sleep and swim in a traditional cave house:

Yposkafo (cave house) were once a type of house built by the poor society class of Santorini in order to stay protected by the gusty winds. Now, famous architects have turned these cave houses into modern and luxurious holiday resorts.

RockStar Insider: 

Be sure to mentally prepare yourself for your stay. While some may feel claustrophobic while staying in a cave house, it is definitely worth the experience (even for one night).

Explore the Paths, Alleys, and Stairwells of Oia: 

Get off the main path and explore the magical views you’ll stumble upon by taking the road less traveled.

RockStar Insider: 

Take the path down the cliff directly to the right to find the restaurant Lotza.

Watch the best sunset in the world: 

There’s a reason every Santorini travel guide tells you to go watch the sunset over Oia. This is a moment that you will remember for the rest of your life and one that should not be missed when visiting the island.

RockStar Insider: 

Arrive at least an hour before the sunset, secure a good seat and have the camera ready for a truly special moment.

Where to stay…

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