Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel

Hvar, Croatia. Fabrika bb

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He bragged about the good life, the life he had come to know, accept, and expect. He admitted that he indulged himself at times, but often sat alone in his room, reading how-to guides and ‘the secret to long life’ books written by world renowned and highly respected experts. He had been gaining girth around his middle, but had readily dismissed it as the expected norm for an aging male. Dieting was not his thing, and he remembered the size 33 jeans that hung in his closet. Of course, he could make them fit again…maybe…in a few weeks… Holding that thought, he grabbed another cookie, but sadly, one was never enough. He rose from the couch and stared at his reflection in the mirror. What happened to the young trim man he had once been? It was clearly time for a change, but Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel satisfied none of his insatiable cravings! Clearly this was the right place – the only place if he wanted to take care of himself. He had read about Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel, and realized it was the epitome of good living, with plants grown and harvested daily to create a world of good health and well-being, no pre-fab packaged indulgences to tempt him anywhere. He entered the elevator to book a tour of the hotel farm. Another hotel guest stood there waiting and pushed the lobby button.

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Perched on the promenade and facing the old city centre, Adriana Hvarʼs most stylish boutique hotel boasts the most spectacular panoramic views of the town and the marina. Adriana's amenities are as diverse as its view - making it a perfect place for you to relax, renew, and rejoice.

  • Welcome amenity. Sensory spa experience. Welcome refreshment of lavender scented towels and prosecco
  • Afternoon tea daily. Sweet lullaby including turndown service and a surprise room amenity.

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