Design Hotel Navis

Opatija, Croatia. Ivana Matetica Ronjgova 10

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She lounged on the hotel terrace, gazing out to the sea, silently sipping her champagne. Alone, but strangely not lonely, she smiled at how peaceful she felt since her arrival. Yes, time had changed her -- and only for the better. She learned to relax, and this place had done that to her. From her terrace vantage point, she watched as the waves sprayed a fine mist over the cliffs. What magic would the day bring? What surprises? What adventures? The sun greeted her and she smiled. She never felt so at peace, so tranquil yet energized. She yearned for the moment when she could share this beautiful spot.

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Transport yourself to a place where time stands still - where Istria ends and the sea extends deep, far beyond the coasts of Croatia. The Hotel Navis offers more that just inimitable style, first-class service and fantastic cuisine - it's an Opatija oasis that serves as the beginning of the grand adventures that await you during your stay. Travel to one of the most exquisite destinations in the world and let The Hotel Navis be a part of your unforgettable journey.

  • Early check-in/check-out based on availability. Room upgrade based on availability. Breakfast daily. Welcome amenity. Welcome cocktail. Complimentary aperitif and dessert with dinner at the hotel. Complimentary dinner for two with a seven+ night stay.

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