Hotel Park

Split, Croatia. Hatzeov Perivoj 3

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Smiles are contagious. She arrived at Hotel Park, and immediately found herself wearing a smile that lit up every room she entered. The guests she encountered were smitten with her, and readily returned her contentment. Split seemed to have a profound power. Was it the art that covered her room walls, the vibe within her, or was it the piano being played in the lobby which gave her heart a tickle? Maybe it was the kindness on the faces of the guests she met which so entranced her. She didn’t want to miss a moment, and sat to relax in an over-stuffed chair in the hotel lobby. Across the room, she noticed a small group gathering around an elderly, elegant guest. They seemed mesmerized by what was being said. Unexpectedly, the guest rose and approached her. “Excuse me, my dear,” the woman began, “I don’t usually do this, but something about you struck me. I practice Tasseomancy, the art of reading tea leaves. Can I offer to buy you a cup of tea? I would be honored if you allowed me to read for you. I feel I have something to share.” Who was this woman, and what did she see? She caught her breath, nodded, and ordered a cup of tea.

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Considered to be one of the epicenters of Croatian culture, Hotel Park ensures the utmost of luxurious accommodations when you travel to the ancient region of Split, Croatia. Step outside the walls of this luxury hotel and you're moments away from the famous Bačvice Beach and old town. Known for its beautiful terrace and classical tastes, Hotel Park offers the perfect accommodations for those looking to assimilate into the historic and sophisticated atmosphere of Split.

  • Room upgrade based on availability. Complimentary breakfast. Welcome cocktail.

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