Hotel Vestibul Palace

Split, Croatia. Iza Vestibula 4a

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He looked through online images and researched historical backgrounds as he planned his journey. He was intrigued by Split, Croatia, explored the city, the country, and the hotel. The deeper he delved, the more immersed he became. His findings reflected the struggles of the past and acknowledged the accomplishments of the present. Split definitely deserved a second look. Unexpectedly, he found that a scene from Game of Thrones had been filmed there. Obviously the show’s creators saw the magic too. His hotel was noted as being a part of the Diocletian's Palace dating back to the fourth century A.D. He fancied himself a history buff and here found yesterday coming to life. He was captivated by the palace’s structural sophistication, awe-inspiring arches, and cobblestone piazzas. He imagined the 4th century tradesmen moving boulders and stacking bricks, and wondered how they would react to seeing their hard labors survive to accommodate another world. The interior of the hotel was simple and refined. It was well -appointed and unencumbered, creating a breathing and resting space without complication. Today’s traveler would relish an area so readily addressing the needs of business and pleasure, with a modern vibe resonating throughout. The property kept the magic of the past alive, while complimenting the needs of today. This hotel did something to his soul.

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Located among the imposing Roman ruins known as Diocletian's Palace in Split, Croatia, Hotel Vestibul sits in a pristine place that was once strictly reserved for the gods. No longer forbidden to man, the hotel's luxurious accommodations and unmatched service make guests feel as though they are in a different time. A time and a place where rulers were pampered and treated as nothing short of privileged. The guests of the Hotel Vestibul are treated in much the same way, with a special level of attention to service that ensures a truly unforgettable experience.

  • Breakfast daily. Room upgrade based on availability. Welcome amenity.

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