Aria Hotel

Prague, Czech Republic. Trziste 3689

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The chiming of the bells at St. Nicholas Cathedral floated in the air. She reacquainted herself with her slumber, rolled over, and began to plan the day’s events. The Countess's Aria, from “The Marriage of Figaro” was in her head, and she roused. The ambiance of her hotel enlivened her and she appreciated the beauty of the music that wafted through her window. Was it that Mozart had played in the nearby church, or was it her connection to the virtuoso’s name on her room which transported her to the song in her dreams? Her heart swelled with emotion, and she nestled in her bed feeling peaceful. She was in a hotel appropriately named for her operatic yearnings and she softly sang the aria while the birds outside harmonized. Today she would go to St. Nicholas and feel the life of a young Mozart as he once played the cathedral’s organ. Subliminally she sensed that his soul was alive as the chimes heralded his spirit every day, on the hour, no more than a stone’s throw away.

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Crafted with the beauty of music in mind, the five-star hotel caters to your every whim while providing accommodations and amenities that make you feel like an illustrious virtuoso. Curated rooms with their own unique design and exceptional fine dining with the property’s well-known CODA restaurant, this hotel is not to be missed when visiting the historic city of Prague. With a location in the enchanting Mala Strana area and a private entrance to the Vrtba Garden, Aria Hotel Prague harmonizes the fine balance of complete luxury with a beautiful design that can only be described as extraordinary.

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