Golden Well Hotel

Prague, Czech Republic. U Zlate Studne 166/4

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A song from his youth had provided his life’s mantra. “When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires will come to you.” These words had given him the impetus to live life the way he most desired, always believing in himself and knowing that everything would and could work out. He found himself reliving the magic of Disney. The words he had memorized were sprinkled with hope and magic. Now the hotel he came upon was all of this. From its name projecting optimism, to the rustic wooden planks that framed the ceiling, he could almost smell the fairy tale. He had been transported to a dream, and landed in a place he certainly did not want to leave. His hotel window overlooked Prague, a place he had never been. What awaited him was a magical city that he soon came to appreciate. He found himself encouraged to breathe in the lives of its citizens and to experience their simplicity and ingenuity. Imagining he knew them, he began to assess their power based upon their originality, their well-built houses, their church spires, and their well-positioned decorative flowers. As seen from his hotel window, the designs of their homes demonstrated the skill of the hardworking residents. He felt their lives and characterized this as breathtaking - more in keeping with a life of art and peacefulness. It was clearly a wish fulfilled.

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The city of one hundred spires has never looked better when staying at the exclusive Golden Well Hotel. Feeding off the area’s rich history and adding an unrivaled level of service and design, the Golden Well provides spectacular views with its location just below the walls of Prague Castle. Dine at the property’s sought-after restaurant and lose yourself in the specially curated local art collection that makes guests feel the best of the old world while enjoying the superior modern amenities that make this hotel an obvious standout to all who visit.

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