Le Pavillon De La Reine

Paris, France. 28 Place des Vosges

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His life was fraught with difficulties trying to hear his inner voice. He had travelled far for this adventure, and readily worked to acknowledge that the time for change was now upon him. Neglecting his past was not an option, for he knew the inherent value of his journey. He was a man who treasured his yesterdays, complete with the foibles and mistakes that fueled his growth and sometimes even derailed him. Each of his missteps had taken him to a better place, a place he never anticipated. Le Pavilion de la Reine exhaled historical Paris, while guarding its present-day secrets. The structure of the hotel masked a meticulous plan, guarded in its hidden structure, swallowed up in its walls. And today the walls were draped in ivy enhancing the breath of its timelessness. There was clearly something of comfort growing in these walls, allowing for an unforeseen marriage of the old and new, an acceptance of growth and change in all who entered. Le Pavilion de la Reine exhibited a structured enlightenment, enhancing the beauty of tradition while in the midst of the chaos his life had incurred. And now he was here. What was there to hide? It was time to revisit his development, and give a voice to the life lessons he had learned, -- the ivy on his walls.

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Set back from the Place des Vosges – often referred to as the most beautiful square in the world – Pavillon de la Reine is a true haven in the heart of Le Marais, Paris’ oldest quartier. It offers the understated sophistication of a private home with all the service, charm and elegance of a grand palace. The historical setting is retained in the design by Didier Benderli of Kérylos Interiors, with a brilliant mix of rich, contemporary interiors and original antique furnishings and oil paintings.

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