Hotel Plaza AthÉnÉe

Paris, France. 25 Avenue Montaigne

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Her first reaction was surprise. It had only been a year, but she was tangled in memories, trying to sort it all out. She reacted in disbelief to Paris’s Plaza Athénée, and needed to pinch herself to be sure she wasn’t dreaming. The scent of the flowers in the Dior Institute Spa kissed her as she entered and made her smile. Was this the vehicle for her rebirth? How could she have been so oblivious? Paris had inspired them. Last year, she had been taking the final steps in preparing for her wedding, a day of commitment and trust. The Plaza Athénée immersed her in elegance, but, revisiting the scene, she was reminded of her doubts. How ironic this all was. She had escaped what could have been a tragic decision, and now exhaled and relaxed, two actions which had rarely come together. The Plaza Athénée represented completion. It wrapped her in a cocoon of security and confirmed that she had truly mastered her own fate. She stood proud and entered the courtyard restaurant.

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When it comes to luxury in the most romantic and stylish city in the world, look no further than the legendary Hôtel Plaza Athénée. Situated in the heart of Haute Couture, on the renowned avenue Montaigne, this Dorchester Collection hotel is in the ideal location for the finest shopping that Paris has to offer, and has some of the most magnificent views of the Eiffel Tower. The hotel has frequently welcomed royalty, celebrities, and politicians through its doors, and has distinguished itself as one of the best hotels in Paris.

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