Belvedere Hotel

Mykonos, Greece. School of Fine Arts District

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He sat on his bed, pulled back the curtain, and looked out at the Aegean Sea. Getting up he inhaled the gentle wind as he breathed in the sunshine of the day, a sunshine which was meant for him and the special person for whom he waited. Dreaming of the windmills that dotted the Mykonos coast, he wiped a tear from his eye. He knew he didn’t want to be alone at a moment like this, and yearned for completeness. His heart was pounding in his chest, and he caught his breath. Returning to his bed, he invited thoughts of the day’s possible adventures. How could he make time pass? What would happen next? Images in his mind had created his story. He saw pictures of a group gathering in celebration, enjoying each other's company, laughing at nothing in particular, just feeling the joy of being together. He anticipated sharing in the moment and partying through the day and throughout the night. It was a group of friends, in a moment of brightness and lightheartedness. The best was yet to come and his time at the Belvedere Hotel was merely bringing it that much closer to perfection. He laid back and let his mind wander. He was startled by a knock on the door.

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The charms of traditional village life meet cosmopolitan sentiment at the Belvedere Hotel in Mykonos. Wondrously romantic and luxurious, the accommodations span across the island and overlook the enticing Chora. Make a trip to Mykonos Town and enjoy the endless choices of nightlife, shopping and cuisine that it has to offer, or indulge in relaxing spa service from the renowned Six Senses Spa Mykonos located on-site. Whether you crave lively entertainment or prefer a quieter experience, Belvedere Hotel will satisfy your every whim.

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