Santorini, Greece. Imerovigli

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She turned the page in her book, completely absorbed by the drama of the characters she read about. It was the escape from reality she needed. She was trying to turn a page in her life but it had become a tough mission. As her eyes glanced over the infinity pool of the Cavo Tagoo Santorini hotel looking over the sea and even over the sun, she wondered if this was the next chapter in her life. Was she staring into her future? Life hadn’t always been so sweet and beautiful, a rough couple of years began to wear on her. It took her months to decide on this place, she had thought long and hard of a place that would be the right one for a fresh start. As soon as she saw the serenity of Cavo Tagoo, she instantly knew this was it. This day, by the pool was only confirmation that she was right. The hotel, its whitewashed, minimalistic décor, lavish rooms, all focusing on intimacy and privacy for each guest, was perfect for her. She spent her mornings eating breakfast on her private terrace, with warm sun coming up, she always took her time to sort her thoughts a little bit. She made her way through her book just as she did her stay…..onto the next journey or chapter she thought with a smile that could light up the sun.

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Spreading the enchantment all the way to the bedazzling island of Santorini, the owners of Cavo Tagoo Mykonos selected an authentic Cycladic property which they transformed to an exceptional Santorini luxury accommodation evoking the same cosmopolitan essence and feeling as the original Cavo Tagoo in Mykonos. Natural elements and luxurious accents blend to the iconic seascape creating a world of pure luxury, intimacy and sublime romance. Welcome to the mystical world of CAVOTAGOO Santorini where dreams come alive and step into a heaven of simplicity with spell-binding views to the Caldera and the volcanic islets, the crimson sunset and the endless Aegean Sea. Enter this sublime 5-star hotel in Santorini and let us bedazzle you!

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