Elounda Mare Hotel

Elounda, Island of Crete, Greece. Elounda Mare Hotel

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The infinity pool seemed to drip into the ocean and evaporate in the blue of the horizon. It was so real, but she reminded herself that appearances are often deceiving, a way to trick the mind into seeing what it desires rather than what actually exists. In her life this had been a painful lesson, and now she once again found herself confronted by what was and what she wanted. The sovereignty of Zeus, the god of all gods, lingered in the Elounda Mare Hotel. His power was felt in the air. Siting at the forefront of her future, she whispered a prayer, wishing for fulfillment and satisfaction. She would not – could not – let her life turn awry. The turquoise waters surrounded her, and the white façade of the cottages gave her the comforts she so needed. It was both ethereal and majestic Mythology extolled the legend of Zeus, the lord of the sky and the rain. It was clear he was once again playing with her, marking her destiny in her tumultuous time. The Elounda Mare Hotel was the apt playground. It brought the legends of Greece to life. White cottages dotted the seascape. Her journey was being fed with the beauty of the Greek god, and his unquenchable thirst for controlling her future while building her life. What magic existed in this place? Her private bungalow included a pool and she entered.

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Renowned for its genuine warmth and friendliness, the elounda mare hotel proudly upholds a tradition spanning twenty years of excellence in courtesy and cuisine. Built as a Cretan mansion, the elounda mare hotel is a jewel of traditional architecture and design, with gems of antique furniture and artwork adorning the halls and accommodations. Each lounge and open space reflects the integrity of style and originality of expression that make the elounda mare hotel so adorable. It is no wonder that many guests consider it their home away from home. The spacious and intimate bedrooms, the bungalows, all different but all with a private pool, enjoy magnificent panoramic views. The hotel’s location is the perfect place from which to discover Crete and its legends, monasteries and chapels bequeathed by the Byzantine civilization. There is even a chapel overlooking the hotel’s private bay, offering stunning vistas of the Mediterranean.

  • Welcome drink upon arrival. 1 “aperitif” per person, per stay at our main Elounda mare bar - “Karavia”.Daily breakfast.

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