Myconian Villa Collection

Mykonos, Greece. Elia Beach

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The sun was slowly coming down and the island was covered in the golden shade of the sun. Her quick nap turned into hours of shut eye in her cabana at the Myconian Villa Collection. The sun kissing her skin and the breeze brought the freshness of the sea to her. No wonder she spent the afternoon in fully relaxed state. With staff so lovely and helpful, bringing her more drinks and even delicious snacks, what else was she supposed to do? She stretched a little bit, allowed her blood to flow to wake up her perfectly relaxed body. The pool was silent, she was alone in this paradise, a feeling she rarely felt. She tied her bikini bit tighter, stepped closer to the pool, right on the edge, gave last glance to the view of the gorgeous island of Mykonos and jumped in. She felt alive in the refreshing pool, water racing against her body, stroke by stroke, traveling fast across the full length. Her moves were seamless, yet extremely powerful. Her nap had done her body a huge favor, it was rested and relaxed. It was in her nature to be so driven and focused in everything she did. This experience gave her the fuel to continue in her busy life, perhaps a yearly trip was just what the doctor ordered.

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Whether you ’re looking for a romantic hideaway as a couple, or an idyllic place where families and friends can come together, these superb villas are the perfect setting for the high point of the year. The Villas offer the most spacious and serviced elegantly appointed interiors, state-of-the-art amenities, gourmet restaurants as an alternative to a private chef, and a world-class thalasso spa centre. With sweeping views over the Aegean – steps away from the famous Elia Beach where private loungers and umbrellas await – a magnificent pool deck and the spacious luxury of your own villa with its private infinity pool, your only regret may be that you can’t be everywhere at once.

  • A platter of fresh fruits & a bottle of wine in the room upon arrival. A signature cocktail per person at the Infinity bar, once per stay.

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