Centurion Palace

Venice, Italy. Dorsoduro 173

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It felt too good to be true, dining in the restaurant terrace that overlooked the Grand Canal in Venice. It almost felt like they were floating and he wondered if it was the canal or the love making him feel that way. He had heard many great things about the Sina Centurion Palace, but the reality of this place took him by surprise. The hotel was beyond perfect with its blend of elegance and bold designs. The views of water had such a calming energy, the gondolas passing by made him feel like he was in a movie, especially seated next to his gorgeous companion. He handed her a rose he had bought for her--he knew how the little things made her feel special. Tonight was all about her and she deserved to be treated like a queen.   The skies were getting darker and the city of Venice was lighting up. With champagne in one hand and her hand in his other one, he wanted this moment to last forever. Looking at her face, her effortless beauty, her genuine smile, he knew right then and there she was the one. He used to fear commitment, but in this moment he had no doubts. He slowly sat the champagne glass on the table, reached in his pocket and while looking in her beautiful eyes, got on one knee... The diamond shined brightly against the starry Venice sky, it was time to return to their hotel to continue engagement celebrations. The Sina Centurion Palace would be forever engraved in their memories as they continued their journey as one.

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Welcome to the SINA Centurion Palace, where nothing is as it seems. On one side the placid waters of the lagoon, and on the other the mysterious alleyways of Venice, leading to two of the city’s most stunning modern museums, the Peggy Guggenheim and the new Punta della Dogana. A period palace with an elaborate Gothic façade, but when you step inside you find yourself projected into a future in which each item of the decor has been designed exclusively for your pleasure.

  • Room upgrade and Early Check-in/Late Check-out based on availability. Welcome bottle of Prosecco. Complimentary entrance to Punta della Dogana Contemporary Art Museum.

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