Gran Melià Villa Agrippina

Rome, Italy. Via del Gianicolo 3

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He was familiar with history’s chronicle of Emperor Nero fiddling while Rome burned, and wondered about Nero’s infamous murder of his own mother. Like passing a car wreck on the highway, there had always been something in these stories that made him want to read more, and now all of those thoughts came back to him as he looked upon the relics from Villa Agrippina, named for the mother of Nero, the Empress Agrippina the Younger. History and archeology were joined and the result created a much clearer picture of the past. He was mesmerized by ancient finds, remnants of the earliest cities, and road maps to unknown lives. During his stay at the Gran Melia Rome Hotel, this story took on a new dimension. He found himself scrutinizing paintings, wall etchings, and pottery, perhaps items that had been admired by the empress herself. A carved and partially intact mask from a statue was exhibited. He was breathless. Standing in the museum-hotel, the unearthed pieces were on display for guests to relive the aptitude of the past. He stood awestruck. For the longest time he had planned a trip to Rome, a visit that could and would satisfy his every yearning. What he found was a holy city shrouded in tales of emperors and matricide. Of course Rome was home to the Vatican and Saint Peter’s Basilica, but now it became so much more.

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A most privileged location set amongst scenery that can aptly be described as breathtaking, the Gran Melia Rome Hotel is a masterpiece that deserves a closer look. Elegant interiors, luxurious amenities and a design that evokes the opulence of ancient Rome, the urban resort sets a new standard for sophistication and splendour.

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