Hotel Majestic Roma

Rome, Italy. Via Veneto 50

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She meandered down the corridor, looking to the left and right, admiring the paintings that brought the past to life. A scene she knew, something so familiar -- ancient Rome? No, it couldn’t be! This was now, not then! As she wandered in her thoughts, she could feel the excitement of her predecessor guests. It was palpable, and she knew how they had felt. For a moment she thought she could hear their conversation and feel their excitement. What a beautiful place this was, a place where dreams were born. This hotel was a snapshot of yesterday, filled with the opulence and magnificence of today. Did the past still live in these walls? Were the spirits of yesterday celebrating in the site? One could only imagine. One could only hope. The thought was intriguing – eerie, yet exciting - And so enticing. It moved her closer to the memories she sought, the piece of her history she embraced. What was it like then? She thought she knew, but she needed to explore further, seeking her past while creating her future.

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Luxurious, whimsical and entirely unique, the Hotel Majestic Roma lets guests experience Rome in a way that cultivates a sense of elegance and creative inspiration. Pairing the area’s neoclassical heritage with a design that can only be considered sublime, the property causes guests to feel emotions normally saved for beautiful pieces of art. The attentive staff and its desirable location make this glamorous hotel more than just an experience, it becomes a place that guests will never forget.

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