Hotel Palazzo Manfredi

Rome, Italy. Via Labicana 125

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He had always imagined he had lived in a previous time. He had experienced flashes of past scenes and historical encounters, and relied upon his dreams for guidance on which path to take. As he awoke, the wind blew his curtain, and he caught a genuine glimpse of what he had just seen in his mind’s vision. He tried to focus, and realized that his room was directly across from the Roman Coliseum, the arena of yesterday where life and death judgements were made. He audibly shuddered as he noted that these verdicts reflected the judgements he faced every day, not life or death, but success or failure. Was it possible? Were the voices he heard yelling “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” directed at him? And the cheering? Who was rooting for him, and who was against? He needed to stop his thoughts. He left his room, and got into a cab. The cab driver acknowledged him, and gave him a ‘thumbs down’. Or was it a ‘thumbs up’?

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With a pristine property located directly opposite the Colosseum, Rome’s palazzo Manfredi appeals to those searching for luxurious accommodations, breathtaking views and a rich history that is paired with unmatched service and a gorgeous design. Guests can choose from a curated selection of rooms, suites and luxury apartments while taking in the sights of Rome in style. Experience a new level of Roman elegance and lose yourself in the superior amenities of the historical Palazzo Manfredi.

  • Breakfast daily. Welcome Amenity + Welcome Cocktail (with a local tie-in). Room Upgrade (based on availability).

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