Hotel Ville Sull'Arno

Florence, Italy. Lungarno Cristoforo Colombo 1-3-5

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She knew that the city of Florence was synonymous with reawakening, a cornerstone in history to the rejuvenation of ideas and the development of growth. Housed in the birthplace of the Renaissance, Ville sull'Arno was what it should be all the while riding the winds of time, never jarring what was to evolve naturally. It was the acceptance of change and the acknowledgement of growth. She knew that life had smiled on her, and now she was feeling the smile in her soul. A projection of the past, the hotel provided her with a refresher of the present. Ville sull'Arno made her feel she had come alive. The hotel breathed in the majesty of its surroundings. The bank of the Arno River gently caressed the shore as it appeared held in a fairytale. She felt herself taken in fully by the beauty of the moment, and imagined she could hear the ringing of the music that reflected the uncompromising joy of this place. A place to breathe, to wander, to reflect and think. Was this the charm of Florence, or was it the magic of Ville sull'Arno at play? A place to find peace and the power of the imagination, this was what Ville sull'Arno granted her, and she knew that it promised she would never be the same.

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Ville sull'Arno, Planetaria Hotels Group, is the new Luxury Boutique Resort Hotel in Florence along the River Arno. Ville sull'Arno reveals a new concept, with its thousands meanings an ensemble of magnificent details of art and hospitality. The Villas leave space to imagination, aided by the Arno river, and listen the long harmonious sound of the water and the silnece of the magnificent garden, to enjoy that secret that only nature can unleash in a warm embrace of well-being thanks to its heated swimming pool. You can not miss the values ​​of the products of the Tuscan territory, inspirational world for the kitchen, a dip in traditional flavors to rediscover the taste of simplicity. Ville Sull'Arno, is a new 5-star Boutique Resort, not to miss the section dedicated to wellness, special moments to pamper and relax body and soul.

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