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She always felt the power of color. Experience had shown her that entering a teal room could bring her a sense of serenity, while entering a red room might arouse a feeling of irritation. When seeking comfort, color harnessed life’s tensions, and she could rely upon moving to a calmer plateau when surrounded by a certain hue. In Milan, the city of fashion, color came alive, and that was exactly what she needed. What a contrast this hotel was to her past. She remembered growing up in a big city, a place that could only be described as drab. Her creativity had been stifled, and she often yearned for the opportunity to truly find herself. Feeling peaceful and satisfied in Milan’s ME Milan il Duca, the color palate chosen by the hotel designers moved her. It served to unlock her complications and let her breath flow freely. Shaded in light clean colors, her room offered nothing heavy handed, but stirred an exclamation of ‘Ahs’, reflecting the good feeling of the place and the moment. The highly polished wood floors exemplified her inner satisfaction, and she moved forward, tentatively, yet excitedly. It was no surprise that her hotel secured her in a part of Milan inhabited and enjoyed by the fashion world. All her joys were within walking distance and the ambiance of ME Milan il Duca Hotel brought it all to life, helping her discover her own sense of fashion. This hotel inspired her road to well-being and personal growth while reclaiming all that she loved.

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Located in the fast-paced fashion capital of Milan, Italy, ME Mila Il Duca perfectly exudes the contemporary air and cutting edge style of the city. Designed by the world famous architect Aldo Rossi, the luxurious space features 132 exquisite rooms, impeccable cuisine and spectacular panoramic views of the skyline from the rooftop terrace. Journey to one of the city's trendy nightclubs--no matter where you find yourself, know that ME Milan Il Duca is just moments away.

  • Early Check-in/Late Check-out based on availability. Welcome amenity with a local twist. VIP access to local bars and nightclubs (at Me Milan). Complimentary mini-bar for a suite reservation.

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