Melia Villa Capri Hotel & Spa

Ana Capri, Italy. VIA GIUSEPPE ORLANDI 103

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His legs dangled as he sat on the pool’s edge. Carefully, he extended his arms in front, tucked his chin, and took a deep breath. The water accepted his entrance, and he propelled his body beneath the surface, picking up speed and silencing the voices in his head. The immersion gave him the space to think. He looked around and saw the carefully appointed chez lounges, adroitly framing the hotel pool. His thoughts haunted him and he replayed his decision. He was confident he knew right from wrong, but instinctively worried that his choice could be his undoing. He kicked his legs gently and continued. How ironic that the sanctified Capri water served as his baptism. He gained more focused clarity as he reached the shallow end of the pool. He stepped out and an attendant handed him his robe.

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Located in an ideal and sought-after location of Anacapri, the hotel features restaurants and amenities that make it difficult to leave the beautiful property. Through new levels of service from an unparalleled staff with perfection as their goal, the Melia Villa Capri invites guests to find peace in the property's truly elegant and superior surroundings.

  • Early check-in/late check-out based on availability. Room upgrade based on availability. Welcome amenity with a local twist. Signature welcome cocktail.

No rooms are available for the requested dates. Please adjust your timeframe, number of guests or try a nearby Rockstar Collection Hotel below.