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She slowly slipped into her little black dress, the satin caressing her skin. She glanced in the huge silver mirror, that stood opposite from the bed, and she liked what she saw. Her skin was glowing from the sun, her hair was falling down on her shoulders and she felt all the confidence in the world. She slowly walked to the mirror and put on her favorite red lipstick. The music was softly playing in the background and the mood for tonight, was set. Her date was already waiting in the hotel bar, but she liked to be a little late. It was her demeanor that drove men crazy and they always waited, happily. As she entered the lobby and slowly walked inside the bar, she saw him sipping on his whiskey. The moment he laid eyes on her, she could tell his heart skipped a beat. The chemistry was undeniable. She wondered whether it was the atmosphere of romantic Venice, or if it was the PalazzinaG Hotel's chic glamour, that made them feel so into each other, but she wasn't going to waste her precious time trying to figure it out. They were here and now, that's all that mattered. With such a handsome date, in a place like this, she had better things to do than think.

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PalazzinaG, a 5 star Hotel in Venice, is located in the heart of the characteristic town in the central Ramo Grassi, a short distance from Piazza San Marco and the symbols of the place. In each corner of the Hotel lives an original and unusual style, created by the inspiration of the French architect and designer Philippe Starck. The “sui generis” experiences, the Krug Lounge and the Hotel outdoor restaurant complete the offer of an astonishing Hotel, which is overlooking the Grand Canal.

  • Welcome Amenity in Room (local prosecco wine with home made local appetizers). Welcome drink at the PG’s Bar. VIP access to PalazzinaG’s events. Early Check-in/Late Check-out and Room Upgrade (based on availability).

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