Palazzo Venart

Venice, Italy. Calle Tron

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He entered his room at the Palazzo Venart Luxury Hotel and was taken aback to find it meticulously adorned with fresh flowers. The scent was intoxicating and demonstrated the magic that so readily came to life in Venice. Far from terra firma, the city demonstrated true magic and wonder from its architectural delights to its magical transportation system. Situated on the banks of Venice’s Grand Canal, the rhythmic lapping of the water transfixed him. Aboard his hotel’s gondola, he listened attentively as the gondolier shared the story of a passenger who joined the tour wearing a mask. Noted for dramatic costuming during Carnival season in Venice, masks were boldly worn at different times throughout the year. He knew there was no need to worry, and nothing to fear. Visitors would often don a mask, believing that wearing a disguise assured a sense of personal freedom, and allowed for greater self-expression. He knew that this was his chance to be true to himself and escape his fear of embarrassment. This was his moment. Immediately he felt more relaxed and secure. He inwardly smiled, put on his mask, stepped off the gondola, and began his adventure.

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The five-star Palazzo Venart Luxury Hotel consists of 18 prestigious and fastidiously decorated rooms and suites, each based on a unique aspect of Venetian history and culture. Fronted by its placid garden which opens directly onto the Grand Canal, the entire 16th century Palazzo and grounds have been carefully restored to their former grandeur with minute attention to detail.

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