Relais Palazzo Viviani

Montegridolfo, Rimini, Italy. Via Roma 38

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The time stood still. She opened her eyes, felt his grip tighten, as they stood in front of the window at the beautiful nature. They didn't even realize how long they stood there, morning sun kissing their faces. It was perfect, the only moment they wanted to be in was this one. It felt like a fairytale, she could never imagine living in real life. Italy was such a beautiful place, she knew that already, but this was as if they stepped back in time. The historical hotel, the art, the quiet, so far away from anything else the world was facing at full speed. Neither one of them imagined places like this still exists. Yet, they were here and they couldn't imagine ever leaving. The morning walks after breakfast on terrace, the afternoon dip in the pool, surrounded only by the sound of nature. Her smile told him how happy she was, and he cherished moments like this. He would do anything to make her feel the way she felt now. He made sure to drill that image deep in his mind, to keep him going through the days that are not as perfect as this. It was all he needs. Her smile.

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Relais Palazzo Viviani, situated on the boundary between Romagna and Marche regions, lies in the green hills of Valconca valley, which gradually descends towards the Adriatic Sea, only few km away. Surrounded by a beautiful garden it commands a panoramic view over a countryside dotted with abandoned fortresses, towers, ancient churches and a small historical site.

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