The Gray

Milan, Italy. Via San Raffaele,6

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The streets of Milan were filled with colorful buildings accented with boutiques from the most noted designers, shops that showcased the finest silks, the most outstanding textiles, and there it was - the silk scarf his father had bought for his mother. The pattern was so similar, he did a double-take as he imagined hearing his mother’s girlish giggle and felt his father’s assuredness. He had heard the story many times of how his father initially agonized over making the purchase, but knew his wife would love it, and that was enough. Today, so many years later, he had no need to buy the scarf, but something kept pulling at him. He left the shop and began to walk through the city. A few blocks into his walk, he came upon The Hotel Gray Milano. To him a hotel named Gray projected a mundane mental image, but upon entering he found it encompassed a full palette of color, not unlike his mother’s scarf. Accommodations at The Gray Milano could only be called lavish. Posh and sophisticated with all needs met, he had read about celebrities who required the hotels they stayed in provide a pack of cigarettes or an aperitif within arm’s reach. Now he was at a site where those demands would be easily satisfied. He knew his mother and father would be pleased, and wiped a tear from his eye as he relived their memory. Milan opened his view of Italy as the home of high couture, fashion firsts, and a love story that held no bounds. The scarf had brought it all together, and he knew that the world was filled with more than mere happenstance.

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Vibrant, stylish and completely unique to the fashionable city of Milan, The Gray is a luxurious sanctuary in the heart of the design capital. Relax in curated accommodations that give travelers a refined blend of modern and eclectic with each room being original and nothing short of extraordinary. Enjoy a carefully crafted drink at the Gbar or experience the culinary masterpieces being created daily at Le Noir while staying in stylish accommodations that inspire and pamper a special kind of visitor.

  • Early check-in/late check-out based on availability. Room upgrade based on availability. Welcome plate featuring local snacks upon check-in. VIP access to local clubs & nightclubs upon request. Meet & greet with hotel chef. Personalized tour to Leonardo’s Last Supper (must be booked in advance). Cycl-e AroundTM, the innovative App&Bike service designed by Pirelli.

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