Q: Can a RockStar Membership be in more than one person’s name or in a business name?

A: No, the membership is valid for only one user, and the user will be the only one receiving any rebates from booking hotels through You can however create the hotel reservation under another name, just ensure your mailing address is correct so that you can receive rebates. 

Q: Which Hotels are available through

A: You can view our exclusive hotel portfolio here or you can browse hotels easily upon sign up!

Q: When do I know that new RockStar Hotels have been added to the collection?

A: We add new hotels and new deals weekly! As a part of the membership you will receive email updates letting you know about exclusive RockStar deals and new hotels.

Q: What is the minimum age requirement to become a RockStar Member?

A: Anyone 18 and older can become a RockStar Member. Please contact us directly for certain circumstances or questions regarding this:

Q: How do I book a hotel?

A: Booking a at is easy, simply search a destination, select your days, choose your room option and check out! Once processed, our team will ensure you receive your Travel Guide and 8% rebates for booking through

Q: How do I know that my booking was captured under my membership?

A: The only way to book through is to be logged in under your membership. If you are able to browse hotels, you are logged in.

Q: When will I receive my 8% Rebates?

A: After booking your RockStar Hotel through our website you will receive your 8% rebate within 45 days after your stay.

Q: When will I receive my Travel Guide?

A: Our travel guides are custom to each RockStar hotel member and experience. Once you have booked your RockStar Hotel, you will receive a custom Travel Guide with insider tips and rewards you can’t find anywhere else.

Q: When can I use my access to RockStar Concierge?

A: Anytime! Once you become a RockStar Member, you may contact your personal concierge at Let us be your guide, we can handle any questions, trip planning or simply connect you with the right team.

Q: Will I have access to the RockStar Concierge at my hotel?

A: Not in person, however we are available 24/7 via and will always connect you with the right person at your hotel.

Q: Will there be someone from RockStar Hotels at any hotel I book through

A: No, our staff is not on site, we are travelling the world finding your next hidden gem.

Q: When do I receive my RockStar Experiences?

A: Each experience is exclusive to RockStar and our Hotel Collection. Prior to your trip, you will receive your personal Travel Guide which will have your RockStar Experiences listed. These will also be shown on each hotel page and sent to you upon booking. Once arriving to the hotel, we will ensure all your RockStar Experiences are handled and you truly enjoy your journey.

Q: Can I upgrade my RockStar Hotel accommodations while at the hotel?

A: Yes, but these changes will be made directly through the hotel itself and be subject to changes and fees. This is one more thing your RockStar Hotels concierge can help with, so contact them to discover the possibilities.

Q: Why are the rates on RockStar Hotels higher than other sites?

A: RockStar Hotels always brings you the best rate, however should the hotel offer other rates to other agencies this is at their discretion. Should you have an issue with one of our rates offered, feel free to email us at anytime at

Q: Can I share my RockStar Membership with others?

A: Yes, but be aware, whichever address is used during booking is who will receive the RockStar 8% rebates. We are not responsible for shared accounts, do so at your discretion.

Q: I need help booking my hotel stay. Is that something RockStar Concierge can help me with?

A: Absolutely! Contact us at anytime and we can handle anything you throw at us.

Q: When will I be charged for my yearly Membership?

A: You will be charged again for your Membership a year from the day you created your Membership. The charge will go to the same method of payment that you purchased your membership through. If you need to update your billing information or your address where we send your rebates please contact us at and we will handle for you.

Q: How do I cancel a RockStar Membership?

A: Who would, ever? But if you need to cancel, there’s a cancellation policy in our membership terms. You can contact us at anytime to cancel or discuss

Q: What if my question is not covered here?

A: We’re here to answer all your questions and concerns. Contact us at anytime with any question and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.



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