Lisbon, Portugal. Rua de Santa Marta 48

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She was so in love! Not with anyone in particular, she was in love with this place. Waking up in her feng-shui set up hotel room in Inspira Santa Marta was mesmerizing. The rooms, so fresh and comfortable, made her feel at home -- the feeling she craved so much when she's on the road. This was her third visit to the Inspira Santa Marta and every time she stayed in a different room which introduced a new experience. The rooms portrayed the elements of the world: fire, water, wood, metal, earth and it fascinated her. She appreciated the sustainability aspect as well and she was happy to be able to travel to a place that is gentle with the environment. She only wished more hotels were this aware and woke (I would use: alive) After a long day, she slowly made her way to her luxurious bathroom, put on a robe and started walking to the hotel spa for some much needed wellness and self-care. The sauna made her feel warm and relaxed while also silencing her mind for meditation that she needed so badly. The concierge recommended that she try the aromatherapy massage and she was grateful he did. At this moment her body felt like she was on cloud nine and her mind was completely satisfied from the entirety of her stay at Inspira Santa Marta. She was living her dream.

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Your 4-star boutique hotel in the heart of Lisbon. Walk into Inspira Santa Marta Hotel and feel the unique atmosphere of this Boutique Hotel in Lisbon city center. Settled just a few steps away from Avenida da Liberdade, this spa hotel provides you all the peace and quiet you need whether for leisure or business.

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