Pousada de Lisboa

Lisbon, Portugal. Praca do Comercio 31 34

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“It’s your chance to do things your way,” she had been told, but it was still a bit unnerving. For as long as she could remember, she had yielded to the opinion and desire of another, but now this crutch was no longer present. She needed to prove that she was ready for her new-found independence and steadied herself as she entered the ‘me’ world, a world she had neglected for far too long. Arriving in Lisbon, magic took over. She navigated from the airport to the hotel, every step simple and well-orchestrated. Arriving, she was struck by the hotel’s yellow stucco exterior, enveloping her in a breath of springtime. This sense of ease and rebirth were experiences she so desperately desired. Overlooking the Tejo River, Pousada de Lisboa was pampering. In addition to the awe inspiring view, she was beguiled by the spa, pool, fitness center, and incomparable restaurants. The city offered shops that were unrivaled, and museums that took her breath away, as these were the lures she craved and experiences for which she yearned. She knew that the focus of this journey would be on her alone. She relinquished control, and let the city take care of her, never feeling frazzled and never looking back. This trip would be her place to find herself, by herself, under no influence, but her own. It was time to begin.

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If you want to get to know Lisbon, the idea is to be part of the scenery and forget the traditional view. Choose the Pousada de Lisboa and soak in the local community, in the noblest area of the city. Home of kings and stage for ministries, this Small Luxury Hotel is an upgrade to the boutique spirit and turns it into the setting of a luxurious urban experience. Among the traditional, the touristic and the trendy, the Pousada de Lisboa welcomes you in the middle of the action and tells you where it happens next.

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