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RockStar Hotels: You Don’t Want To Trash These Rooms

TravelMarket - by Richard D’Ambrosio / March 13, 2017

On the face of it, a brand like RockStar Hotels would imply the kind of place you wouldn’t want to book your clients. Who needs a customer complaining at 3 a.m. about the loud party next door?

RockStar Hotels Is Changing The Perception Of Luxury Travel

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 - Hotel Interactive

RockStar Hospitality Group is proud to announce the upcoming launch of their new travel booking website RockStar Hotels. In mid-August, the RockStar Hotels website will premiere with a diverse collection of elegant properties from Europe with a distinctive spin on the travel experience. By connecting like minded travelers with like minded properties, RockStar Hotels is completely changing the ways of travel by providing accommodations and service that you won't find anywhere else.

The Art Of Hospitality: Robert Santucci of RockStar Hotels

Michelle M. Winner: July 23, 2017 Hotels & Resorts, Travel

LuxeGetaways Magazine recently had the pleasure of connecting with Mr. Robert Santucci, CEO of RockStar Hotels. A relatively new brand to enter the hotel marketplace of unique boutique hotel collections, RockStar Hotel’s portfolio reflects the diversity of top destinations around the world; and coupled with properties that offer the traveler a contemporary experience in exceptional surroundings.

RockStar Hotels Launches Avant Garde Europe Experience

Argophilia | Feb 03, 2017

For European travelers wanting to be treated like rock stars, the former Marriott executive named Robert Santucci has launched RockStar Hotels. With properties like Italy’s 95-room Armani Hotel Milano, Spain’s 183-room Gran Melia Palacio los Duques; and France’s 48-room Saint James Paris, the new brand is topping the charts for ingenuity and hard rock sex appeal. But the brand is not indicative of some guitar slamming KISS concert, but rather the kind of experience the Metallica stars might have gotten from their hotel stays. All tongue-in-cheek puns aside, this is the sexiest hotel chain launch in memory.

Get Treated Like a Rock Star at These Hidden Gem Boutique Hotels

USA Today | Feb 14, 2017

We’ve all fantasized about what it must be like to travel as rock star: the parties, the groupies, the pampering, the free everything. Well, a new hotel group has launched with the premise that when you travel, you should be treated like a rock star.