Hotel Alma Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain. Mallorca 269-271

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She told her assistant to cancel everything, it was time for a break and she wasn’t going to let anything stand in her way. She worked tirelessly for years, barely taking vacations and barely taking any time to herself. Her team can handle the job while she is away, she had trained them for this moment and it had arrived. Finally turning her phone to silent, she walked into the charming Alma Barcelona Hotel, the staff made her feel warm and welcomed.   and As she entered her room a deep sense of relaxation hit her hard. She slid into the comfortable cotton bath robe, put her hair up and made her way to the spa.   The time stood still as she finished her laps in the pool and sat down in the sauna. She closed her eyes which helped her to clear her mind. What a beautiful feeling to let go of everything and let peace enter her body. Muscles relaxed, all the tension slowly melting away into the drops of sweat sliding down her skin. Why hadn't she done this sooner? She wondered. She quickly removed that idea from her mind and came to a very incredible conclusion. She would make this an annual trip, an escape to Barcelona she so desperately needed to refresh.

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An establishment with its own personal character, the Alma Barcelona is ideally located to provide peace and tranquility whilst still being in the heart of the cosmopolitan Catalan city. In addition, the hotel benefits from 5STAR GL service which ensures the highest level of comfort and exceptional amenities. It's 72 rooms are separated into classical and modernist accommodation, providing an interior unlike any other. Boasting the latest technology, you can open your room with your fingerprint at Hotel Alma making your entire visit an experience fit for a RockStar.

  • Welcome cocktail. Complimentary mini-bar. Complimentary access to the hotel Spa.

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