Barcelo Emperatriz

Madrid, Spain. C LOPEZ DE HOYOS 4

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“I’m sure you’ll have to show this to your husband before you make the purchase”, the salesclerk warned. She wanted to remind the salesclerk that this was the 21st century, and the decisions she made were her own, but she held her tongue, and quickly left the shop. She found herself reliving the days of her girlhood, when she had been encouraged to be an assistant - never the one in charge. This was sad to her, frightening and sad. She believed she had overcome the negativity and lack of confidence that had trapped her for so long. But now, far from home, she feared she was falling prey to the same limiting expectations. She felt slightly rattled, and needed time to collect her thoughts. She sat on a nearby bench and let her ideas come into focus. Looking across the street, she was captivated by an unusual purple portico, seemingly inviting her. Strange, yet comforting, she found herself on the threshold of a hotel dedicated to the Empress Eugenia of Spain, a maverick for women’s rights and fashion forwards. Modern, bright, young and alive, the hotel captured her current world, yet retained the glamor of the past. This was far more than a mere coincidence.

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Inspired by the life of Spanish empress Eugenia de Montijo, the newly remodeled Barceló Emperatriz takes from the grandiose palace aesthetics of 19th century Madrid and offers a modern reinterpretation of its muse’s cosmopolitan personality. Located in the heart of the historic Salamanca neighborhood, these luxurious accommodations are nothing short of the sophistication and elegance pleasure-seekers expect. Discover upscale boutiques and indulge in unparalleled fine dining along Calle Serrana or stroll through Paseo de la Castellana as you explore one of the most desired neighborhoods in Madrid.

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