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Barcelona, Spain. Pau Claris 150

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As soon as he entered the Hotel Claris, his eyes widened with excitement. The lobby was spacious, warm and filled with beautiful art. He was exhausted after a long flight, but the lovely receptionists' smile and welcome drink boosted him like only coffee could. After she gave him the key to his room, he forgot all about his tiredness and was ready to start his adventure. Who needs sleep right? As he made his way to the bar, or so he thought.  As he entered slowly he found himself surrounded by gorgeous Mayan sculptures, jewelry, ceramics, with hieroglyphs engraved in them for thousands of years.   He had traveled the world and found many fascinating places, but he never expected to stay at a hotel filled with so much history. In that moment his appreciation for how amazing this hotel and exploring the world is deepened within a second. Time flew by but for him, it stopped. He must have spent hours, admiring each and every single one of the exhibits, reading and imagining how much each piece had been through. The world it had seen, the time it had weathered. His mind wandered...for a moment, he traveled in time only to remember and appreciate where he had found it all, the Hotel Claris.

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Hotel Claris is a five-star Grand Luxe hotel located in Barcelona’s central Eixample neighborhood, just steps away from Passeig de Gràcia, a street that boasts the city’s most famous shops. Its enviable location puts the city’s biggest tourist attractions within guests’ reach, including the works of famous Modernist architect Antoni Gaudí.

  • Complimentary entrance to the Egyptian museum of Barcelona

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