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She squeezed his hand tight, as he placed their passports on the desk of the Gran Melia Colon Hotel. She could barely hold back the excitement, she almost started jumping up and down. As soon as they entered the lobby, she felt like a small child full of anticipation, what would this journey bring? The hotel was so beautiful, it took her breath away. His smile obviously revealed that it was all part of his masterplan and she couldn't help but love him even more for that. As soon as they collected their keys, he put his arm around her waist and led her to their room, their own little kingdom in this palace. Everything was so elegant and chic. With every step revealed something even more spectacular than the previous one. He was quiet, he knew he had to let her take it all in. It wasn't that often that they get to splurge this way and spend the weekend alone. They had jobs, kids and obligations that made it hard to truly escape. As they finally came to their room, he put the key inside and opened doors to beautiful Penthouse Suite. Her eyes widened even more as she waltzed around the room, laughing and checking out every corner of their temporary home. He could tell from her eyes that this was a success. Her joy was all he needed to be happy, he made it his mission and in this very moment, he knew it was accomplished.

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Luxury hotel in the heart of Seville - Design and service in a luxury city hotel in Seville. Gran Meliá Colón, located in the historical, cultural, commercial and financial heart of the city, offers a striking combination of art, culture and style. Chosen by generations of bullfighters and important personalities from around the globe, Gran Meliá Colón is considered by the locals one of the city’s major landmarks.

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