Gran Melia Palacio Los Duques

Madrid, Spain. Cuesta de Santo Domingo 5 y 7

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The space was peaceful, yet filled with artistry. The ceilings were high and the stairways complex while retaining their inherent beauty of design. He needed space, time to think--time to feel. Those words felt harsh, very unlike the emotional charge of the space offered by his hotel, but he had come to realize that talk of space didn’t need to be negative, nor did it merely imply vacancy. Space sometimes filled a void just by existing, and allowing for something so much better to take its place. This was what he was feeling today. He needed to find his space. He walked outside to the hotel garden and was overcome with delight. How could this exist in the heart of Madrid? A busy city with a garden? It was shockingly peaceful. He continued his journey and found himself standing beside the rooftop pool. The Gran Melia Palacio Los Duques Hotel was filled with surprises which enlivened all his thoughts and feelings. He spread his arms wide, accepting the fresh air wafting up from the city below. He felt free, yet frightened. Change was difficult. Could freedom be found in separation, -- in aloneness? There was that negative thought again, but he reminded himself that this wasn’t loneliness. It was a rebirth of his personal value and his life. He had created his own space.

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Located in the historic, artistic and cultural heart of the city, this hotel is next to the main attractions in Madrid such as the Royal Palace, Opera House, the Cathedral and Plaza Mayor Square. Gran Melia Palacio de los Duques Hotel combines two historic buildings (a 13th century convent and 19th century Palace of Dukes of Granada de Ega) updated to an avant-garde style. This beautiful hotel, is completely inspired by famous Velazquez master piece Las Meninas. The magnificent historic Garden of over 1000sqm is a lush green scenery and constitutes the soul of the hotel. This prominent yard features a peaceful garden and a wide gastronomic offer 180 spacious rooms, many of them specially designed for families, including 20 luxurious suites.

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