Grand Hotel Central

Barcelona, Spain. Via Laietana 30

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He shivered a little bit, but he found it hard to leave. How could he, here he was sitting on the edge of the rooftop pool at Grand Hotel Central with his feet dipped in the water and her smiling back at him. She dived underwater across the pool towards him and appeared few inches from his feet. Her long hair wet, skin kissed by the sun, she splashed a little water on him and laughed. He didn't even remember last time he had this much fun and it was all thanks to her. The playfulness, the sarcasm, her energy was so captivating, she drew him into her fascinating world and the rest was history. She made him want to stay in every way possible. What started as an innocent coincidence, with confused exchange of towels, ended up being an afternoon of them getting to know each other on one of the most popular rooftops in Barcelona. Who would have thought his day will unravel this way? After they got tired of the fun and games, they sat there and looked at the beautiful city and talked about everything. He told her about his desire to start his own business and she disclosed her desire to travel the world. They shared their dreams, journeys and why Barcelona had become a spot they both loved. At the end of the night, it was clear that there is no such thing as coincidence...This place and their intrigue was meant to be.

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The Grand Hotel Central in Barcelona was devised as a tribute to the grand hotels that were home to great travelers and merchants in major cities worldwide during the 1920s. Much more than hotels, these buildings were centres of activity where visitors stayed to enjoy long periods of leisure and, above all, to experience the city. Traveling by train or staying in a grand hotel symbolized a whole way of life, where special service and quality touches made all the difference. The hotel was built in the 1920s as one of the first structures on the Via Laietana. Most of the buildings on this avenue were erected at the very same time and were inspired by the elegant rationalist fashionable in Chicago at the time. The Grand Hotel Central offers a new concept of luxury in a five-star hotel, with a wide range of spaces in the heart of the city, unique views, an atmosphere of calm and refuge from the hectic urban surroundings, an innumerable series of special touches, and a staff dedicated to guest satisfaction and top-quality services, enabling you to get the most of your stay at the hotel. Heading up the project is the entrepreneur Pau Guardans, creator of other luxury urban hotels like the renowned Hotel Único (Madrid) and the luxury boutique The Principal Hotel also in Madrid.

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