Hospes Palau de la Mar

Valencia, Spain. Av de Navarro Reverter 14

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He stood by the window and looked at the streets of Valencia. He could feel the warmth of Spain, its essence. He hurried to get dressed so he could get lost in the crowds of the locals. He wanted to get lost and find something new and special that only the city had to offer. True experiences are made by taking the road less discovered. He had fallen for this magic at a young age, the world was such a huge magnificent place. Every mile revealed its secrets to him and he searched for more stories to be told. This was what enriched his soul, this was what he craved and he knew where to find more. He had discovered a hidden gem during his travels, a 19th century grand palace known as the Hospes Palau de la Mar. He couldn't feel more at home than here and now in this magnificent place. As he stood there, he felt the same exciting vibration in his body that he had felt once before. It was the feeling that pulled him back every time he stepped off the plane in Spain. What was made to be a resting place for many had become a second home to him. He felt like this hotel was apart of his story and that the most he visited the more he would find. He was right...

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Hospes Palau de la Mar Hotel is a catalogued palace, a majestic house of the 19th Century, that responds to the marine spirit and symbolizes the great values of its city and its people. An exclusive Hotel located on one of the most beautiful and central streets of Valencia. In its interior you can discover the nature of the Boutique Hotel, as it has a modern and spectacular patio, similar to a boat deck, which contrasts with the majestic architecture of the building, a lush garden of Mediterranean aromas, spaces and elements created for the inspiration.

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