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The car was pulling up, but his eyes were buried in his phone. Fingers rapidly moving across the keyboard, composing another email, that simply couldn't wait. The door of his car slowly opened and a warm smile of a gentleman in a suit greeted him with Spanish accent, "Welcome to the Hospes Puerta de Alcala Sir." As he stepped off the car and headed to the entrance of the hotel, his eyes locked on the phone, he heard a soft voice. "You'll miss all the beauty if you don't put that phone away." He abruptly looked around to find the source of the remark but the figure had disappeared amongst the crowd. His eyes were now wide open in awe as he stood in front of the Puerto de Alcala, the infamous landmark of Madrid. The sight he had always seen in pictures now stood right in front of him. He shook his head and realized how consumed he was with everything else, so consumed he almost missed this beautiful moment. He knew it was time to be present. He made his way into the hotel lobby and soaked in the beauty of the 19th century townhouse, the elegant combination of white and gold inspired him. Whatever or whoever just happened, brought him back to life and he knew he had to live it to the fullest or he would miss it. How could he miss this?

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Located in a royal house from the 19th Century in the heart of the capital, this 5 Star Boutique Hotel, Hospes Puerta de Alcalá, can be found at Alcalá Gate and in front of the inspiring Retiro Park. It is a beautiful building projected by the architect José María de Aguilar in 1883 and today has a warm combination of elegance, architecture, gastronomy and a revitalizing pureness together with a comfortable access to the intense economic, cultural and artistic activity of the capital.

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