Hotel Alfonso XIII

Seville, Spain. San Fernando 2

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He had always seen himself as rather cool and laid back, almost bohemian in style. In the business world, he had garnered the reputation of being a Solomon of sorts, able to gently disseminate the news to business associates, whether good or bad, and leaving all parties satisfied. Today, at the urging of his client, he was scheduled to hold a meeting at the Hotel Alfonso XIII, a hotel which conveyed great history in its name and presentation. He entered the lobby with a slight level of trepidation. The hotel was grand, and assessing its history, its classic indulgences and ongoing refinement, it seemed to have been scooped from a different time. He initially felt disquieted. Was this him? He waited in the hotel restaurant and it nagged at him. Something encouraged him to be patient. He waited in the elegant surroundings of the moment, and found himself in awe. Could it be that his hotel was so near to attractions that had always enticed him? The Reales Alcázares and the historic Seville Cathedral were within walking distance. No time for that now, and he went back to preparing for his appointment. But this hotel was actually built by the king of Spain in 1929, and he wondered if there could be some association there. How could he be in a place like this without investigating its inner life on a journey to find his own?

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Hotel Alfonso XIII is today one of the most prestigious hotels worldwide since 1929. It is ideally located in the center of Seville, next to the Reales Alcázares and the Cathedral, in the historic neighborhood of Santa Cruz. The hotel, a magnificent work of art itself, has been completely renovated maintaining its aura of history and glamour so its iconic status continues for elite travelers and locals. The Hotel Alfonso XIII irradiates the flavor of Andalusia in each of its epicurean experiences. From the authentic traditional cuisine at Restaurante San Fernando, the magnificent marriage between Andalusian and Catalonian cuisines at our most recent venue Ena by Carles Abellán to the curated cocktail collection at Bar Americano. Delight your senses at Hotel Alfonso XIII whether if you are staying at the hotel, if you are a city visitor or local resident.

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