Hotel Único Madrid

Madrid, Spain. Claudio Coello 67

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As she walked up the lobby stairs of the hotel, the red statement sculpture that was hanging above the staircase caught her eyes. Hotel Unico Madrid was unique, something she had not experienced anywhere else. She could feel her senses awaken and her sensuality intensive upon arrival…this was it. The decor of the hotel was chic and intimate, the perfect place to live your fantasy, whatever it may be. The combination of white, silver mirrors, marble and geometric patterns felt like the architectural dream. As she entered her suite on the top floor, she closed the door behind her. It was in that moment she felt as if she could finally shut the world out and live in this moment. After a long day exploring Madrid all she needed was a cozy bathrobe and luxurious bath, Hotel Unico had it all. She let the water flow and fill up with a lavender bubble bath oil. As her bathrobe fell to the floor she carefully put one feet in after another. Her breathing became slower and deeper, her muscles started to loosen up. She was in a state of mind she adored and constantly sought out. Her senses awake, her mind silent, this was her own personal eden, she thought…she may never leave.

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The Hotel Único is located in a 19th-century palace in the upscale neighbourhood of Salamanca, in the heart of Madrid,with convenient transport links nearby. It offers 44 rooms and suites, a private garden with a lounge, a restaurant headed up by Chef Ramón Freixa (two Michelin stars), an exclusive parking facility on-site, meeting rooms, a library, massage room, fitness centre and all kinds of customized services. Heading up the project is Pau Guardans, the entrepreneurial creator of other luxury urban hotels, such as the renowned Grand Hotel Central (Barcelona) and the The Principal Hotel Madrid.

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