Hotel Omm

Barcelona, Spain. Rosello 265

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She looked up at the Hotel OMM Barcelona. Turning pages. That’s what it said to her. The windows of the hotel were hidden portals to the city-- and to her soul. She was looking at the unacknowledged thoughts on her life’s pages, of her decisions and movements, of the leaves she had turned to make things happen while making them appear unrehearsed. She remembered her life’s successes and failures, its loves and losses, and she remembered the decision that rocked her world and shook her very fiber, the decision that said it all and brought her walls tumbling down. What did this say about her? She needed to remind herself that those walls had been constructed for a purpose, and the fact that they disappeared so readily spoke volumes. Maybe they were never meant to be. The Hotel OMM Barcelona was filled with music and enchantment, urging her mind to wander. She heard the strumming of a weeping guitar, the melodic strains of a piano. It offered a peephole into life’s imaginings, nothing fully defined, with all edges leading to more. It reflected the spirit of its guests and welcomed them into the world of dreaming. It fostered the security for hidden moments, while allowing for thoughts to enter slowly and smoothly, a place to evolve and grow. Magic existed in its very presentation and the way it made her feel. Another page was turning.

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Hotel Omm, in the heart of Barcelona’s Paseo de Gracia, is a meeting point that puts the city and its people within reach. It’s about innovation, design, modernity, cuisine, entertainment, comfort and luxury. Everything we love about Barcelona embodied in a vibrant hotel. When we opened in 2003 there wasn’t a hotel like we wanted in Barcelona that had the signature Grupo Tragaluz characteristics.

  • Welcome cocktails at lobby bar upon check-in. Access to SPA water circuit. 20 Euro credit for spa services.

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