Only YOU Hotel Atocha

Madrid, Spain. Paseo de la Infanta

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She was the Ying to her Yang, they were always perfectly synchronized through their entire life together. Here they were once again sharing croissants in the bakery of Only YOU Hotel Atocha. This was where they would talk about all the things they had seen on their tours and explorations during the day. They would giggle and make plans for the night that would definitely be filled with wild times. Hotels had become their homes, they explored the world together and didn’t leave any details out when sharing with the world. They were the perfect storm, she was loud, energetic and constantly making others laugh with her humor and wit, while her friend was calm and collected, often reserved. This combination proved to be incredible and she felt so lucky to have found a travel partner to share these experiences with. The hotel had become a beacon, a place where they would meet up when their paths split. She grew silent as she relished in the beauty of this place. Her silence was met with laughter from her friend and it funneled through out the bar creating the assumption that tonight would be a night to remember--a night Only YOU Hotel Atocha could bring.

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Only YOU Hotel Atocha - Madrid from high above. The hotel is in a central area of Madrid, on the Paseo Infanta Isabel opposite Puerta de Atocha railway station and just a few metres from the Retiro park. The beauty of this historic building has been enhanced by skilful design, with interior décor based on an eclectic set of resources and an informal yet sophisticated character, aimed at creating a setting of urban comfort.

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