Marbella, Spain. AVENIDA ZURITA SN

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Her bare feet were touching the soft, green grass, while her eyes were busy marveling in the tropical paradise she was surrounded by. Calling it an oasis, was not an exaggeration, she thought, after she checked in the Oasis by Don Carlos Resort. She was walking around the sensuous gardens that belong to the resort, soaking in its spectacular beauty. It was unlike her, to feel this free and spontaneous, but something about this place made her want to connect with this stunning nature and with her inner self. She was normally so perfect and put together but the urge to take her shoes off and let her hair down was coming on strong. She decided not to fight it and finally let go. Let go of all the angst, doubt, worry, and let the peace and freedom take over. She felt born again, this hotel, this new journey she had begun. She twirled, dressed in her sundress, her feet buried in the warmth of the garden. She inhaled the sweet smell of paradise and exhaled all the unease that had ever resided in her. She would carry this moment, the memory of this magical place with her for eternity.

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Rest and well-being take on a new meaning at The Oasis by Don Carlos Resort in Marbella. A wellness bubble of luxury and design where every corner and every little detail is taken care of and meticulously planned to provide maximum comfort, peace and the most absolute relaxation. An idyllic space for adults only where you can re-discover yourself. Put yourself into our hands and those of your experience consultant, so you can just relax and think of nothing else.

  • Access to SPA at no cost (treatments not included). An Exclusive RockStar-worthy gift in room upon arrival.

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