TOTEM Madrid

Madrid, Spain. Hermosilla 23

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Madrid was everything he had always imagined, and more. The district of Salamanca captured the cultural vibe and was dotted with chic shops. When his taxi delivered him to the Totem Hotel, he was moved by its drama and beauty. He measured his surroundings and made his way to the front desk. Indeed, it felt special at the Totem, and he regarded his good fortune. The power and simplicity of this hotel was overwhelming, and he found himself studying the sketches and creations that covered the walls. A guide to prodigious showrooms had been placed on the table. Yes, this was special. Noted designers and artists had viewed Salamanca as their totem, a place that would extol their talents and feed their artistic appetites. Everything was as it should be, and he was content knowing he was a part of it. He strolled through the hotel lobby. Stylish guests moved about easily and comfortably. He stopped. As he walked past her, he eyed her slowly, and their gaze locked. The intensity of her electricity startled him. “Be cool. Be cool,” he warned himself. But it was too late.

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Matching the sophistication and vibrancy of the many well-known boutiques that surround it, the TÓTEM Madrid is the perfect place to stay when visiting Madrid's fashion district. Rockstar’s privileged guests wanting to take in the culture and style of the area will find the perfect blend of luxury and avant-garde in the hotel's cosmopolitan surroundings. Through unparalleled service and exclusive property offerings and restaurants, The TÓTEM Madrid was selected for RockStar’s exclusive portfolio for its ideal location and elegant accommodations in the heart of the city.

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