Hotel Schweizerhof Zuerich

Zurich, Switzerland. Bahnhofplatz 7

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The clock ticked softly in the background, a metronome to help her count the minutes, hours, days. She struggled to balance her thoughts to re-visit life’s good moments, amid the on-going drama that had recently befallen her. How could this all be happening in Zurich, the city where time stood still? She tried to shake it all off, but was constantly reminded of her inability to fully escape time’s cruel hand? Was she a fool, or should time’s passage be viewed as merciful? Could she ever forget the pain of her loss? At Zurich’s Hotel Schweizerhof, the Alps surrounded her. She guided her gaze upward and was reminded of the mountain she needed to climb. She was transfixed by the snow caps, and wished that her sad thoughts could literally melt away. She looked at the sky, and breathed in the majesty of the moment. Her heart tingled and she felt her eyes tear. The Hotel Schweizerhof was the backdrop for life’s beauty and she tried to grasp its arrangement of desires. Was this her future, or was it solely her past. The hotel captured it all, something out of a fairytale, and something created by a skilled watchmaker. Fantasy? Or maybe not.

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Hotel Schweizerhof Zürich is located opposite the main station at the beginning of the Bahnhofstrasse and offers soundproofed rooms with electrically adjustable beds and free high-speed WiFi. The Schweizerhof Zürich hotel is only a 15-minute walk away from Lake Zurich and only a 10-minute train ride from the international airport Zurich-Kloten. The Schweizerhof's restaurant La Soupière offers you delicious seasonal cuisine and Swiss specialities made of market-fresh ingredients. The Café Gourmet and it's caviar boutique serves fine antipasti, salads, pastry and much more. The Schweizerhof Bar you can enjoy fashionable drinks, selected wines, and delicious snacks.You enjoy free access to our 24 hours in-house gym and to the close by Holmes Place Fitness & Spa.

  • 20 CHF voucher for F&B usage. Personalized welcome card from GM with house made patisserie. Pick up service from train station.

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