The Athenaeum Hotel & Residences

London, United Kingdom. 116 Piccadilly

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The scent of yesterday revealed itself. London’s Athenaeum Hotel & Residences spoke of the days of yore, the traditions of the past, and the ongoing search for better times. The Athenaeum extolled today’s finest and allowed a peek into the trappings of London’s history, a time when indulgence was expected, admired, and sometimes overdone. His arms trembled as he realized how close he was to it all. “The best of times…” The pages of a Charles Dickens’ novel unfolded before him. Could Dickens have been reflecting on his hotel? He had admired it in his day, so it was possible… Coated in magic, London’s Athenaeum Hotel & Residences invited him. Its posh surroundings provided a glimpse into the power of yesterday, mildly scratched by the degradation of then, and resurrected in a time honored return to better moments in its history. Attracted by stars from Hollywood’s Golden Years, and the site of Spielberg’s ET cutting room, London’s Athenaeum Hotel & Residences had seen it all. Its windows had overlooked the lives of many before, engendering a time when others had sat in armchairs beholding the Mayfair community. A gift of time, the Athenaeum Hotel & Residences said it all. Its history was overpowering, and he imagined what it was like to live in moments reflected in this space, in its history, in its former life. Time was merely a concept.

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You will find our independent, award-winning and one of a kind hotel in the heart of Mayfair, opposite tranquil Green Park. As one of London’s few family-run five-star hotels, a proudly independent spirit is still the driving force of everything we do. Following a multi-million-pound refurbishment and with Michelin-starred chefs The Galvin Brothers at the culinary helm, The Athenaeum Hotel & Residences has entered an exciting new era.

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