The Franklin Hotel

London, United Kingdom. 24 Egerton Gardens

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His past held no mystery, of this he was sure. It had evolved into his present, and created the person he had become, the parts he admired most, as well as the flaws he devalued strongly. He hated to admit that he had made mistakes, and he often dismissed his failings with the statement, “I’m only human.” He could clearly see how his tendency to react a certain way had come out of the experiences of his yesterday, and try as he might to correct his past failings, he too often found himself treading water. Time to stop wallowing in self-pity, he reminded himself. The many experiences he had lived through were dripping into the man he had become, and influencing his actions. This he could not allow – would not allow. He stopped and considered the thought. London’s Franklin Hotel provided an opening into his present. The tension he had been carrying in his belly was suddenly relieved, and he filled his lungs with freshness. The staff at The Franklin Hotel treated him as if he truly mattered, with no pre-judgements. It exuded an honest and forthright hospitality, and bathed him in serenity and kindness, anticipating his every move. The hotel provideded a world of service and perfection, a world where he was honored for his life’s accomplishments and respected for the fine gentleman he had become.

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Its secluded English gardens are the perfect counterpoint to bustling Knightsbridge. The hotel combines the warmth of a private home, the impeccable service of a Grand Hotel. However, it is The Franklin’s tailored experiences, which are as individual as its guests, that make it so much more than just another luxury hotel. Consider The Franklin your special home in Knightsbridge. Everything a guest needs is taken care of by the Guest Experience team in the Franklin and in London itself.

  • Welcome glass of Prosecco. Early Check-in/Late Check-out (based on availability). Room Upgrade (based on availability). 10% Discount of F&B Outlets. 10% Discount on Laundry Facilities. The Gym is free of charge to use. The Turkish Hamman is free of charge to use.

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