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Her wild soul always felt free in this city. New York, the Big Apple... the city that never sleeps, just like her. She loved how fast it moved, how incredibly creative and dynamic it was. She stopped time in her mind and savored every moment, every sound, every smell. She had been here many times, but it was her first time staying at the Arlo Soho Hotel. She had traveled and explored so many amazing countries, staying in many incredible hotels that felt like nothing could surprise her anymore -- she was wrong. From the moment she set foot in this place, she was mesmerized. It was full of life, full of energy and she felt like she found her home in the Big Apple.   In the afternoon as the sun shined bright, she sat on the rooftop of the Arlo Soho Hotel overlooking the Hudson River. She was on her third glass of wine, which made her feel a bit light headed, but "they were just so good" she thought. Now she knew that even a wandering soul like hers can actually feel the need for home, for something familiar. And strangely the Arlo Soho was the place she found that home.

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Arlo is that feeling that you’ve been here before. It’s that unplaceable-yet-undeniable sense of belonging. At Arlo Hotels, outsiders become insiders, and you feel welcomed as you are. Arlo is a haven for wanderers with purpose; a place to tuck away for your much-needed nap or call homebase while on urban safari. Arlo Hotels give you the tools to do anything you please, and the space to take the reins and express yourself. Our New York City downtown hotels offer you the best essentials; without excess. Arlo is the urban explorer’s living room away from home; workshop away from the office; where inspiration lies waiting to be discovered and the adventure is up to you.

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