Tower 23 Hotel

San Diego, United States. 723 Felspar St

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They were sipping on the champagne, comfortably stretched across the large sofa. The breeze was nice and refreshing, cooling them off after warm day in San Diego. She was absolutely immersed in the view of the ocean in front of her, while he was rubbing her feet. What a moment, she thought. The fireplace in front of them was her favorite part of the terrace in the Tower 23 Hotel. She loved the Pacific Beach area and was happy they finally made time to stay at the infamous boutique hotel.   She was so in the moment, and with his busy schedule, it was a rare opportunity to enjoy each other's company like this. She cherished it. They talked the entire evening, the deep, thoughtful conversations she loved. This time they reconnected on another level, It was such a moment of joy. They were both excited for their weekend ahead, full of beach activities, a little dancing in nearby bars, and mostly their dinner date in at the JRDN Restaurant. She knew they had to make this romantic getaway from their busy lives. She knew he wasn’t not going to say no, not to this.

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TOWER23 Hotel is San Diego's only luxury, lifestyle hotel on the beach. TOWER23 Hotel derives its name from lifeguard tower 23 positioned on Pacific Beach by the hotel. The exclusive resort community of La Jolla is just north of the hotel, while downtown San Diego, the airport, major business centers and popular area attractions are just minutes away. San Diego's vibrant beach life sets the stage for TOWER23's distinctive architecture and style.

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