The Rockstar Story

I think I always had the travel bug. At a young age, I was the one who would explore the cities my father took me to, getting lost on the backroads, and always finding my return exciting and enlivening. As a grown man, I found myself striving to recreate the excitement of those journeys, stopping in undiscovered restaurants, staying in what could only be called hidden treasures, always with an eye for adventure and a desire to know more. To explore. To grow. The seeds for RockStar Hotels were clearly planted way back then.

Over the years my mission took shape. I wanted to create a vehicle to satisfy the savviest traveler in a specific and individualized fashion. I vowed that the Rock Star client would be seen and accepted as ‘special’ on a journey that would feed their minds, souls, and spirits. This could be done by hand-selecting boutique hotels, thereby allowing each client an insider view of cities and cultures.

With this in mind, I developed RockStar Hotels to satisfy the wanderlust in each of us.


Break free from searching,
let RockStar Hotels guide the way.